Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dream Wedding Show

I recently took part in my first wedding show EVER in my 6 years of wedding photography!

I chose the Dream Wedding Show because the show had a great reputation with both brides and vendors and the coordinators of the event, Buz and Sue, were an absolute Joy to work with.

The show was this past Sunday February 28th and boy was it crazy getting ready for it!  It is a good thing I have such great friends and family that are willing to help out!

Tiffany and Tracy helped me out at my booth and a whole host of people helped me with all of the details!

I also gave away a full day wedding photography package ($1,500 value) and called Suzanne (the winner) on Monday afternoon!  She was so thrilled, she said I made her whole month!  And that was after about 5 minutes of me telling her that yes I was serious, she did really win.  It felt really good doing that!  I will be meeting with her on Saturday afternoon to talk details.

My Business Card Giveaways.  Bribery works wonders on brides! (and grooms!)

A shot of my booth all put together and ready for the show (above and below)

Me and my Booth Babes Tracy and Tiffany! Thanks girls!

After the show we took full advantage of the photobooth rental place across the isle...  So fun!

125 leads for me to follow up with and try to book! (4 of which I have already set up consultations with)